Sunday, 16 May 2010

Food, food glorious food - Chicken and Leek Pie

I have had a busy weekend, managing to fit in some fabulous time with family whilst also getting crafty. I have had a few project on the go (think I have been making up for last weeks illness and inability to do anything productive) and they are coming together nicely.....

..... whilst I have the opportunity though, I thought that I had better put up the Chicken (Quorn) and Leek Pie (aka Love Pie... and now you see why) that I mentioned a few weeks ago. It was renamed Love Pie by my daughter after I put three love hearts on it one for each of my lovelies. Ahhhh. This is a really easy recipe and you can make it using left over chicken or turkey, or as I did, Quorn. Served up with some new potatoes, or even better, roast spuds, and some greens it makes a great meal.
Serves 4-6


500-700g cooked and shredded chicken, turkey (or if vege use Quorn)
50g butter
2 leeks
500ml veg or chicken stock
2 tbsp plain flour
bunch of parsley, chopped
3tbsp creme fraiche
250g pack of ready made puff pastry
milk to glaze

1. Heat oven to gas 6/200C/fan 180C. Grease a 1 litre pie dish (I only used a small one as I put half the mixture in the freezer).
2. If using Quorn put a little oil in a pan and fry for a few minutes until starting to brown slightly, then place in you pie dish. If not put your cooked meat into dish.
3. Melt butter and fry leeks until soft. Add sifted flour and cook for 1 min. Gradually add stock and stir until sauce is smooth and glossy. Take off heat and add parsley and creme fraiche. Pour sauce over the chicken.
4. Roll out pastry so that it is about 5cm bigger than the pie dish. Brush the edge of the dish with water and place pastry on top. Press the edges to seal and use left over pastry to decorate if you want! Make a few holes for the steam to escape. Brush with milk and bake for 30-35mins until the pastry is golden.

Yum yum.

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Minky Magic said...

I love this type of pie and make something similar for my family too! Mine is called 'wait and see pie' though as I never seem to make the same one twice!!


No, guess it depends on what is left over in the bottom of the fridge!!!

silvermousey said...

Looks yummy..I do a similar one with chicken, tarragon and sweetcorn x