Thursday, 27 May 2010

A taste of summer

Look at my clematis. I love it and it is absolutely covered. Shame it doesn't stay like that all summer. I have also had loads of blossom on our little apple tree, so we are hoping for many apples later in the summer.

I have been busy making ready for the Craft Fair at Samlesbury Hall this coming Sunday (an restocking after a successful stall last week). If you are in the area, do call in and say hello. I have been frantically making cosmetic bags as they have been going like hot cakes, all good, but more work!!! In saying that though, I guess I am also catching up from quite a relaxing weekend, which involved sitting in the sun, reading (something I generally only do before bed to
knock myself out!), playing, walking and having a lovely bbq at mum and dads. I walked over to mum and dads with the children and had a picnic on route. I love walking through trees when the sun is shining, and on Sunday we were grateful for the shade. The birds were singing and the bluebells were bobbing about in the breeze.

We saw lots of beautiful dandilion clocks, and my children helped to contribute to this......

A blanket of sugar stealers right along the side of the canal and a layer on the water also. A gardeners nightmare!!!!

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