Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Machine Embroidery

As I mentioned before I have been having a go at free-style machine embroidery. Although my machine doesn't like this approach to stitching (or I simply don't know what I am doing) I did manage to do some pretty flowers. I had been doing a bit of erratic stitching in turquoise, and then got the pink out and went all girly. Although the turquoise stitching is bad, the colours work perfectly together. I was so impressed with my handy work I thought I would cut them out. I frayed the edges a bit and then created a lovely card for my mums birthday. Looking forward to finding some time to do a bit more now.


Minky Magic said...

I like this idea, I like the randomness of the turquoise thread! Look forward to seeing more of these creations


It was certainly random Marie but has served a purpose!

Melanie said...

I like it too, it has a proper handycraft sort of look, very personal.