Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Little Birdies

I do love making cards for people, but sometimes feel the pressure when I am really busy. People expect to be given one of my cards, and I feel that I should come up with new designs, particularly for family. My dad text me a few days before my mums birthday to tell me he wanted a card for her. Aghhh I thought, she has already seen most of them, now two new designs were needed. I am really pleased he did as this is what I came up with, and with a bit more beavering they are now for sale in my NEW Folksy shop.

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SimJaTa said...

Lovely design, hope your Mum liked it.

At least when you give your cards away they are seen by others, I gave away one of my bags as a birthday gift and it has more local exposure than I could ever hope on the web:)

Lynda x

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