Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Softies for softies!!!!

Thought I would share my new collection of Softies. All ready to be found new homes. I actually finished them last week, but have only just managed to get my camera out. They are just lovely. Unfortunately you can't squeeze one..... they are sooooo cuddly (I stuff them with lambswool for extra cuddlability). I sold quite a number at Craft Fairs & parties just before Christmas because people (women in particular!) couldn't put them down once they had picked them up. One woman came back the following month to buy another because she wanted a friend for her first one!!!! I also give them names. I've just been sat here with my dictionary of first names deciding what each of them is going to be called. It's like choosing names for my babies again (without interference from my hubby!!!!). He he... just remembered another lady at the last fair I did. I had to read her each of the female bunny's names whilst she cooed over each one of them before deciding which would be going home with her. Her fella stood very patiently, rolling his eyeballs from time to time!!!
My softies are however looking for new homes, and will be going up on my esty shop later on in the week. Click here to see them.

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Ali said...

I love reading your blog and you are therefore one of my picks for the Sunshine Award.

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