Sunday, 21 February 2010

Frustrating weekend

This weekend has been extremely frustrating. I have spent many valuable hours on my computer without very much success! Unfortunately whilst I was doing this, my 5 1/2 year old daughter was in creating mode. This usually involves spending large amounts of time cutting and gluing various things. But instead (when I least need it - the end of half-term, and computers not doing what I want!), the paint comes out!!!! She now has a very colourful carpet. Great.

However, I have managed to get some of my table
linen loaded onto my estyshop here are
some pics of a few of the items. I have also
managed to make a start on a
few other items. I have a stall at Samlesbury Hall this coming Sunday,
so have a few bits and pieces I need to get a move on with.

1 comment:

Minky Magic said...

Lovely fabric on those last coasters! Good luck with the show. I'm assuming you're referring to the computer slideshow frustration......grrrrrrrrrrr!Marie x