Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A day of creating!

Today has been a day jam packed full of creations. Unfortunately they were not my works. My daughter had her friend round this afternoon, so it was decided that we would make fairy cakes in the morning ready for them to decorate (I foolishly thought that it would keep them quiet whilst my youngest slept). Anyway, despite squabbles, they did a pretty good job. The prettier ones were the first ones, and then I think it turned into a bit of a competition as to who could get the most on!!!

After a drink and a cake they set to work making robots.... I left them to it but was soon tracked down by the ironing board cutting out petals. I'd made a flower last night that I liked so am
going to create more. I planned to make them into magnets, but liked the look of it on my top so think I will get some brooch backs
for them. The photo isn't very good, but they are cute..... off to stitch some more now.

1 comment:

Jill said...

I love the flower you made - a great idea to make them into brooches. I would love one - in fact makes me think I could add them to a range of my cards, especially for Mother's Days.