Friday, 14 December 2012


I am sorry I have neglected my blog recently, but I have been overwhelmed with paper cuts I have been commissioned to do.  If you don't all ready, you can get more frequent updates about my work via my page on facebook.

I am however taking 5 mins out from cutting to let you know that I am giving away one of my beautiful Family Tree papercuts.  I have had a good year, and I just wanted to share the love and thank all those people that have shared my work and helped make 2012 successful for me.

This link will take you to the image seen below, and all you need to do is share it and write a comment (please do feel free like my page too!!).  If you do have a browse around my photos, please do feel free to click like on anything you like and help me spread the Loula Belle At Home love :-)

I'm not sure whether I will have time to post again before Christmas, so just incase I don't, I wish you all a fabulous Christmas xxx

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Ann Martin said...

Lovely family trees! I've shared your post/picture via Twitter - @allthingspaper.