Sunday, 10 June 2012

A holiday in sunny Skeggy... and an escape to Lincoln!!!

We had planned to go camping this week, but last Saturday after searching the internet for decent(ish) weather in the UK, and a couple of glasses of wine, we decided that we would snap Butlins up on their offer of cheap accommodation and head off to Skegness!  When I told my family they really did think I was joking, but no, it was booked.  Am I pleased we went?  Well yes... I will never return (!!!), but despite it being difficult at times, the children had a great time and we had time to play with them, which was the plan.  We were also very lucky with the weather, it did rain, but for short periods, and we managed to keep dry for most of it!

On day one, the weather was dry, so we escaped to Lincoln.  A fabulous, and beautiful city that I would love to spend some more time in.  

We visited the castle, experienced the prison in the grounds, and saw one of the original Magna Carta's.

We had also planned to go into the Cathedral, but unfortunately the cost was a little too much after being in the castle, so we admired it from outside instead.  A truly fabulous piece of architecture.  Just look at some of the stone work.

We did a lot of walking!  We saw lots of gorgeous streets...

... stunning buildings... 

... and amazing doorways, and windows.

The Fairy also got a bow and some arrows, and spent hours practising (the mirror in our 'apartment' was covered in sucker marks when we left!!!)

So, you are wondering where the pictures of Skeggy are?!!  There are none!  We drove into the town, and back out again, deciding that we would rather be running around on the beach at Butlins than bustling with people and hotdog stands!

A fantastic decision, and we managed to get back just before the heavens opened!
We also had fun at the little funfair on site (most rides were free) and the water park was fab (it'll be even better next year as they are redeveloping it at the moment!!).

But...  I would have preferred to have been in one of these!

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