Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Trip To Aunty Em's New Castle!

My sister recently moved to Newcastle (the Tinker thought she'd moved to a new castle, and has been asking, since before she moved, if we can go and stop in her new castle!!), and so we took the opportunity this week to spend a few days with her and her family.  We had a lovely time, and yesterday we managed to spend most of the day out without getting wet... well... most of us did!

We'd woken to beautiful blue skies, so jumped at the opportunity for a trip to the beach, and then to a castle, and so headed off to Blyth Beach all set for a day out.  

We couldn't believe our luck, just look at that sky.  It was windy and quite nippy, but it was good to be on a beach getting some fresh air after being cooped up for most of the Easter holidays.

There were even some gorgeous beach huts.

There was great excitement, and the children played like this for, er... 5mins before the Tinker decided it would be a good idea to leg it into the sea (he's like a little Whippet).  Then realizing he has gone a little too far, and that a wave was coming towards him, he turned, fled, fell over, and the wave covered him!!!  One very wet boy!  I had taken spare clothes, but not a spare coat or shoes (his wellies were filled with water), so our trip to the beach ended prematurely!  Instead we changed him into all the spare clothes we had, and had an early lunch at the fish and chip shop by the beach, before heading back to Aunty Em's new castle for a coat and shoes!

It didn't dampen our spirits though (ha ha!) and we headed straight off to Warkworth Castle.  A fabulous castle to explore with children (lots of climbing, little stairways, and running around to be done), well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Happy holidays!
(I am ready for school to start back though!!!)

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Paint Pots and Petals said...

Love this post, Tinker is very cute. xx Nik