Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Tinker's Lunch Box

The Tinker isn't the quickest when it comes to eating, and I was concerned when he was coming home from nursery with most of his dinner still in his lunch bag.  He's not a big bread fan (unlike his daddy) and he simply wasn't eating his sandwiches.

Here is the solution...

... a bead box full of little bits that he can pick at, and that isn't over facing.  Who wouldn't want lots of different things to choose from?  

In this box there are small pieces of ciabatta, tomato, roast chicken pieces, grapes, strawberries, pieces of cheese and cucumber.

All he had with this was a yoghurt, but I think that if he was staying all day, I would be tempted to pop in a small scone, or a piece of flapjack too, just to increase the carbohydrate intake a little.

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