Monday, 17 October 2011

Self Portraits

Although we managed to get outside and enjoy some of the weather this weekend, the 
children also did some self portraits.  I got out a roll of lining paper (the stuff you use under wallpaper), and my plan was to draw round each of them and create patterns with lots of colour inside the figures.  When I mentioned this to the Fairy, she simply said 'oh, no.  I am going to draw me'!

by The Fairy, age 7 If you look closely you can
see she has taken the liberty of giving herself painted
finger nails... wishful thinking!!!

by The Tinker, age 3
This is a great activity to do with children of all ages, both of mine are made up with their portraits and they both have pride of place in their bedrooms.  We just used pencil crayons and various papers as the Tinker wanted to stick, but it is the perfect opportunity to explore lots of different mediums.

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