Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pain in the ..... foot!

This week I have been suffering from Plantar Fascilitis (inflamation of a ligament in my foot).  It started last Saturday, when out shopping with the Fairy.  I hobbled around getting shooting pains in my heel and couldn't understand why as nothing specific had occurred.  All I could link it to was the numerous hours I stood at the ironing board* the previous night pressing pieces of fabric and cutting out hexagons for a quilt I am gong to start. The doctor informed me that this could have been the tip of the iceberg and that the only solution was to put my feet up for a week, use heel pads and do some exercises.  I couldn't even do any sewing as it is my peddle foot!!!  

Although I did enjoy sitting and reading for long periods of time... I do have a lot of work I need to do, so coaxed my left foot into action ( I am very right handed, and thought that I would be very right footed, but my left foot coped very well with the challenge!!).  Alongside some new pinnies and some other new products I have been fiddling with (all will be revealed soon enough), I had said that I would make kit bags for the children (mine and my nephews/nieces - 6 of them, aged 6 and under), for when we are together so that we can keep their things in order.  I made simple drawstring bags, each with their initial appliqued on.

Hopefully it will stop confusion and keep things a little tidier!!!  I love the spotty fabric... it looks red in the image ( it is gloomy up North and the light is terrible), but it is bright pink with orange spots.  I love this colour combination.  Fruit salad, pull your teeth out sweets, from the 1980's!!!

*re: ironing board - my New Years Resolution (to myself) was not to have the ironing board continually up in the living room.  So far I have failed miserably, as soon as the tree went and things get back to post Christmas normality, the ironing board went up... and hasn't been down much. I really must organize my workspace and get a board in here!!!

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Ali said...

Sorry to hear you have PF - my Mum suffers from it too and does some specific exercises from a book she bought online (e-mail me if you want me to find out the details - and absolutely swears by Flit-Flops (special shoes) to cure it! They are not cheap but in her opinion well worth the money - if you Google Flit Flops you should find some info...

Well done for working around your ailment - it sounds like it should be easy to use your left foot to press the pedal but it is amazing how little control you have to start with isn't it! (I tried this when I was younger and could sew a little and had to do the same thing - my left hand side just wanted to do the opposite of what I wanted it to!)

Lovely work & hope you feel better soon.