Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My new shopping bag

It is great to see some fantastic reusable bags being produced by some of the big supermarkets.  I have been known to bring back big shopping bags from France in the past, but we seem to be catching up on the reusable bag front.  Hoorah.  

I love this one...  I managed to pick it up in my local Tesco a week or so ago.  Apparently they came out at the beginning of December, but I have only just managed to get my mitts on one (either they have only just made it up north, or I have a sheltered life!!!).  They have been designed by Orla Kiely and have been made to raise money for charity.  Each bag costs £4 with 50p of that being donated to CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading children's cancer charity, and Orla's personal charity the Royal College of Art,  helping to fund bursaries for textile students.  If you haven't already 'bagsied' yourself one, get yourself out to Tesco before they all disappear.


silvermousey said...

I got one and it is my most used bag at the moment...absolutely love it.
Hope you are keeping well and busy, hope you can come and see us on the 6th at Astley x

Kayleigh said...

Thats a lovely bag.
My family have been bringing back supermarket bags from France for years too! Glad it wasn't just us being weird. x