Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hello there, long time no see! Do you fancy a giveaway?

Two months... more than two months.  I cannot believe how quickly 2013 is going!!!  I have lots to show you, and there has been an awful lot going on at LB@H HQ, but first lets start with a little giveaway.

This year I have managed to produce some lovely giclee prints (and greeting cards) of the papercuts that I have been creating.  This is fabulous as it enables lots of you to be able to enjoy my work.  You can find a collection of them in my shop.

This is my latest, and is not yet available in my shop...I haven't got that far just yet!!!

It is printed onto A4 Archival Matte Paper, and the actual image is approx 9.5x19cm.  They cost £12.50 + £2.50 postage.

I have one of these up for grabs.  If you would like one, please leave me a message to say that you would on the image at the top of my facebook page.  If you could share this (on fb, twitter, with the lady next door), it would be much appreciated.

I'll pick a winner and announce it here next Sunday 21st just after 8pm.



Kaitlyn Pearson said...

I would LOVE one of your new Facebookie showcased prints! See me pushing to the front of the queue...xx

sweetpea family said...

Just found your blog and it's lovely x

Cazzy said...

I love it, the colour is my favourite too. I bet the original is stunning!