Saturday, 10 March 2012

A trip out with the Fairy!

Today I took the opportunity to spend a few hours with my daughter... just the two of us... a rare occasion unfortunately!

I decided that I would take her into Preston to visit the Harris Museum and Gallery.  She loves visiting museums and is really interested in history (unfortunately the history exhibition isn't open until the summer!).

We had a lovely time wandering around looking at trinkets, teapots... 

... teacups...

... and fabulous tiles.

Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos in the Gallery which is a shame as there were some lovely pieces of work.  If you live in the area do pop along.  It a lovely way to spend an hour or so, and there are quite a few activities for children to do to help them interact with the pieces in the museum,but also it's really important that we support our local galleries and museums... once they are gone, they're gone!!

After our meanderings around the museum we headed off to Bruccianis.  A cafe that was created in the early 1930's, and hasn't changed too much since.  They don't appear to have a website, but there are some better images than the ones I managed to take here.  They are well worth a look, and if you grew up near to Preston and visted as a child, it is likely that you visited here and had ice-cream soda or milkshake floats... they used their own, very delicious ice-cream, which they have unfortunately stopped making.  It was funny going in the first time as an adult, and actually being able to have a good look around.  As a child you couldn't see from one end of the cafe to the other as there was always a thick smog from the smoke!  Although it's not the best food, or cup of coffee, you have to go for the experience!


What have you done today?

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