Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keeping little fingers busy!

Over the past few days whilst Little Tinker has been sleeping, The Fairy has been keeping me company in the attic.  The first day was fine.  I wasn't using the computer and so she was able to spend her time mooching around Poisson Rouge (an excellent resource for pre-school children, although my 6 year old still loves it.  It really is worth checking out) and the things to do section on the Victoria and Albert Museum website where she designed a tile and her very own tartan.

She was very disappointed the following day when I informed her that I had work to do on the computer and that she would have to wait.  I am glad this is the case though as she picked up a piece of white paper and I gave her a pen and my pastels and she created these characters, cut them out and put them on black card.

Because my work on the computer took longer than anticipated, which is usually the case, she then did this...

... I think I should be busy on the computer more often!!!

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